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Through his years of experience starting in the camera and lighting departments, Chris has developed a level of expertise and professionalism that comes with working with such high-end clients as:

Chris Anthony Hamilton is an award-winning director, writer and cinematographer working in the United States and internationally. Born in New York City and raised in a small Massachusetts town, he experienced what he believes to be the best of both worlds, which is clearly reflected in his work. With an education in film from Hofstra University and extensive experience on a wide gamut of productions, Chris has retained his classical film training while always staying up-to-date with the latest advances in the technology and techniques of the cinematic arts. He combines the sharp storytelling mind of a director with the keen technical savvy and shooter's eye of a cinematographer to create the highest quality product on any budget. Chris has made it his goal to master as many world languages as possible and is currently conversational in Spanish, French and Italian (CV available upon request).

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