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Cinema Seats

Consulting Services

For Creatives

Wanna be a filmmaker? Let's talk! I'll share my nearly 20 years of experience creating in the industry to help you learn about the onramps to building your own industry within the industry and thrive in a creative career.

1-Hour Coaching

A one-on-one online session for aspiring creatives to talk through the practical, actionable steps to achieve your creative career goals and get you working (and earning) at the top of your game.

1-Hour Treatment Doctor

We'll look over your Director's Treatment together to make sure it's at its best to get you that gig. We'll talk through what makes a winning pitch in terms of design, copy and concept to make your creative vision clear and give you the best shot at wowing the client.

For Brands

Looking to take your brand's storytelling to the next level? We'll craft a gripping narrative across platforms that will get to the heart of what your brand is all about and grow your following. Request a free introductory meeting to learn more.

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What Folks Are Saying...

Carrie Schrader

Carrie Schrader, Writer/Director

"Why is working with Chris Anthony Hamilton the best money you will EVER spend? Because he's an experienced director with an incredibly deep knowledge of the craft, he has an unbeatable eye for story, a brilliant artistic mind, and one thing many others do not: an unwavering passion to help others succeed."

Custom Treatment Templates

Shop fully customizable, winning treatments.

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