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Body and Son Heads to Barbados

DJ Watts (left), Teea Loreal (right)

Body and Son is an Official Selection at the Barbados Visual Media Festival! The event will now be held in March/April 2021 due to the current global conditions. This one is particularly meaningful to me as a native son of Barbados where my mother was born. I feel tremendously humbled to be able to present this film to so much of my family and connect directly to my heritage and broaden the discussion around Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome internationally.

Barbados has its own deep-rooted history of chattel slavery the reverberations of which are still being felt today, so I hope that the film will amplify the conversation and help me take another big step on my own path toward healing while doing the same for others who see it.

Be sure to stay tuned for screening details in case you want to escape to a tropical paradise to see a short film next spring!

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